Releasing the full potential of people – has been the goal of Luton Training and Mentoring since its launch back in August 2003…. And that’s exactly what the company have been doing, with great success, ever since!  LTM was inspired by the tremendous successes of mentoring work in larger inner city areas in the UK and decided the time was right to bring community-based mentoring to the East of England. 

Focused on improving the lives of young people and the most vulnerable within our communities, the organisation realised the desperate need for confidential advice, confidence-boosting training and specialist support, and therefore invested its energies in developing customised mentoring and support programmes to inspire young people and support the wider community. Working hard to develop trust within the community, the aim of LTM is to co-ordinate projects delivered BY local people FOR local people. By engaging parents, relatives, business people and other role models from society as volunteer mentors, the company has been able to make a massive impact on the lives of young people and the wider community. All targeted at encouraging young people to understand and experience the benefits of learning, whilst also re-engaging the adult population in their own development activity.

LTM is well known for its partnerships, working regionally and at a local level.  LTM has established strong working links with the Private, Public, Voluntary and Faith sectors.

Release the full potential of people.

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