LTM is an accredited Centre delivering Ed-excel and ASDAN qualifications. LTM has been at the forefront of providing high quality Mentoring Training which is diverse and effective to the most vulnerable groups and individuals. Our learning takes place in an informal setting whereby trainers present a friendly and helpful approach to learners that create an informal, relaxed environment.  Key learning skills are reinforced by using topical games and activities to aid with the learning. This innovative method of adding fun into learning helps our learners, many of whom due to severe personal hardships suffer from low self esteem - as they enjoy participating in the fun learning activities, the learners’ confidence levels are raised along with the added value of strengthening their learning and commitment to the programme. Icebreaker games/activities as well as energisers are used to ensure that trainees remain both enthused and focused. In turn, the newly qualified Mentors our ‘Community Champions’ with their new found confidence provide vital Mentoring support to young ‘at risk’ people and the wider community, thereby with their outstanding results increasing employability by providing key transferable skills. 

Accredited Training:
- Mentoring in the Workplace - level 1/2/3
- Coaching Learners in the Workplace - level 1, 2, 3
- Community Volunteering qualifications level 1, 2, 3
- Personal and Social Development (PSD) level 1, 2
- Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) level 1, 2

Non-Accredited Training:
Equal Opportunity

- Equality and Diversity
- Community Cohesion

Integration within the Community Training
- Refugee Integration
- Accessing service provision such as Personal Health Care, Welfare Benefits, Information, Advice and Guidance
- Supporting young in education/learning
- Self development
- Citizenship
- Employability skills
Further training courses

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