“Stacey has improved with her general living skills as a result of the structured learning program provided by LTM” (Mrs. Humfrey)

Travel skills
The development of travel skills, in their broadest sense, is a key part of mobility and independence. At LTM we help our learners identify these skills. Talks and outings led by trained safety officers’ raises awareness and understanding of road safety including avoiding hazards, recognising landmarks, outdoor crossings, traffic sounds and public transport. By developing the social aspects of travel our young people are able to develop orientation skills such as using maps, and problem solving, understanding and planning routes.  This allows the learners to gain responsibility, preparing them for the variety of different environments and communities.
Social skills

Our learners are encouraged and supported to develop their social and communication skills. This is made possible by visiting local community centres, places of worship, sports centres, local shops, libraries and markets. These visits help improve their confidence and social skills as learners interact with members of the public. This assists them to develop strategies for building more productive relationships and develop the tools needed to communicate with others. In addition, this gives a boost to our learner’s confidence when interacting with other people, for example in group work, when working on a placement or with employer mentors. 

We also organise trips for our learners to inform them about the diverse multicultural society that we live in, in order for them to gain a better understanding of people from different backgrounds. This develops their understanding and appreciation of the make up of society and the need for respect and dignity towards all individuals. 

With the right leadership our flying stars have started their own coffee shop business, each taking on different responsibilities such as management and finances. The coffee shop has benefited our youngsters extremely, by assisting to build memory skills and understanding the importance of time keeping by always using a watch to make sure they are on time

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