LTM’s programmes of supporting young people with Special Needs

Our positive, caring and professional team are committed to providing a lively, dynamic working environment for our learners to ensure our students are successful. Their experience and expertise aids them with the ability to provide tailored provision for our young people.

“The staff are genuine and caring and go out of their way in the service they provide.”(Mrs Brown)

“The staff at LTM are very well trained and very understanding of my daughters need. The service they provide is essential to the development of my daughter” (Mrs. Humfrey)
Personal Development & Forward Planning

Set Personal Goals
Every individual is set tasks on a daily basis to help develop interpersonal skills and goals. LTM encourages and facilitates day activities.
Develop Relationship
LTM provides the guidance and motivation to assist our learners to make new friends by evolving them in communication workshops, allowing them to plan outings, encouraging them to interact outside the project and develop social skills.
Gain Self Confidence
Communication skills are an integral part of this programme as it gives our learners the chance to progress, become independent and help each other.
Understand Personal Hygiene
At LTM we teach our young people about the benefits and importance of personal hygiene which in turn will increase their self esteem, confidence and allow them to take pride in their appearance.
Healthy living
By educating our young people about the importance of exercise, good diet, and rest we will be helping them to understand the benefits of an improved lifestyle.
Life skills
In house training activities involving cooking, cleaning, budgeting and health and safety familiarises their ability to become independent for the future.

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