LTM has run a number of successful Mentoring Support Projects such as our ‘Race2Discover’ project which offers the unemployed the opportunity to gain confidence and transferable skills through customised training and mentoring support.

Our ‘race’ is to ‘discover’ potential through group and one-2-one mentoring sessions supplemented by training in a wide range of basic and employability skills. The Race2Discover programme has invested in people to champion the value of learning and skilled training. This project focuses on helping people realise their potential and ability through sustained support, and integrating them into mainstream society with improved confidence and skills. It provides tailored support to those who have disabilities and/or ill health, the long-term unemployed, lone parents, teenage parents, Black/Asian and Minority Ethnic groups, new migrant and refugee communities.

LTM’s highly structured mentoring support helps mentees improve their self-esteem and develop basic interview skills by recognising their strengths and building on these to recognise their individual talents.

Their objective is to help people into employment by:

  • Helping the individual to identify personal and social barriers that prevent them from gaining employment
  • Providing social and interactive skills
  • Helping them meet or overcome these barriers and look at ways to move forward, building on their positive qualities
  • Taking qualifications alongside the mentoring programme, if some of the barriers identified are due to lack of qualifications.

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