Our ‘Flying Stars’ project is proving to be a great success, it is specially designed for young people (currently 16+) with special and complex needs (all with different learning/physical disabilities). LTM has been providing these young people with customised training and learning for personal development, independent living and life skills.  The training is complemented with our one-2-one counselling and mentoring to help them overcome additional barriers.

We are proud of our ‘Flying Stars’ project; our learners have started their own enterprise, carried out presentations and performances and are currently undertaking a project to raise funds to sponsor a child in the developing countries.      

LTM has developed a strong understanding of the needs and barriers faced by young people with special needs where they may find it difficult to fit into the education system or situations outside their comfort zone.  Through our work we have supported young people with low self–esteem, general apathy, lack of social skills, behavioural and cultural problems all of which can impede their development and progression. 

Working alongside the local authorities, education sectors and the community LTM are able to design programmes that specialise in the guidance and support of our learners. With the aid of our qualified mentors and support staff the aim of the project is to help the young people identify their abilities and strengths, helping them break down personal barriers allowing them to play their part in social and civic life.

The Flying stars program includes life skills that will allow young people to identify their personal short and long term goals. With our daily plans and fun learning environment, our nurturing staff steer them into the right direction to embrace their aspirations, keep them thinking on their feet enabling them to learn new and exciting things. For example, learners have the opportunity to get involved in new activities ranging from horticulture and interacting with wild life to participating and networking within the community as part of our programme. In addition the young people can take advantage of our gardens, fields, halls and playgrounds to take up exercise and recreation activities such as dance, drama, stage shows, football and yoga.

“The delivery of the ‘Flying Stars’ project has been done in a professional and well thought through manner, it is a great environment for Stacey to learn in, all made possible by the staff at LTM” (Mrs. Humfrey)


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