Luton Training and Mentoring:  Funder - Runners Up

Luton Training and Mentoring (LTM) was formed in 2003 and has established itself as a high performing social enterprise offering a range of innovative personal services working with diverse communities, covering the private, public and voluntary sectors. The organisation focuses on improving the lives of young people and the most vulnerable, providing confidential advice, confidence-boosting training and specialist support. LTM has a reputation of developing and delivering customised mentoring and support programmes to inspire young people and support the wider community. The formation of LTM was achieved through company director Anjana Parmar’s own personal determination to give something back to the community. Driven by a belief that true success comes from within – from within an individual and within a community – Anjana developed her own business having recently completed her own programme of learning as a mature student. It is this confidence that Anjana has tried to give back to her pool of qualified and experienced volunteer mentors and to the people who benefit from the mentoring experience.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for all supporters of mentoring and befriending to unite and raise awareness of the vital services available, and to also celebrate and acknowledge the achievements made through mentoring and befriending.


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