Case Study 3

Hammad Qazi

When Hammad joined LTM in October 2009 he was a nervous young man. Hammad has complex learning and communication disabilities along with a physical disability (wheelchair user).  His communication skills were restricted and he struggled with his speech. 

In the beginning transitioning from a special needs school to new surroundings and people at LTM, was difficult for Hammad however he is now making very good progress. Hammad took part in the ‘word storming’ activity during his induction and initiated the name ‘Flying’ for the project name which was a very proud moment for Hammad and his family. Hammad is now a key member of the ‘Flying Stars’ where he often takes the lead in new learning and sporting activities. His communication skills are developing well; not only is he learning to interact well with other learners and staff but he has also established a good relationship with them and is now more relaxed and settled in his new environment.

By providing Hammad with his own individual timetable, he is able to understand his daily tasks and become more familiar with his routines.  This in turn is helping Hammad with his independent skills.

LTM has a learner’s centred approach therefore Hammad’s tailored support is an ongoing practice. The additional support given to Hammad to help with his learning and understanding has made an immense difference, as he is now able to communicate and play an active role as a team member.

Hammad’s progress has improved a great deal, he developed many interpersonal skills and has also gained other independent skills such as time keeping. For example, Hammad used to take up to 2 hours to eat his lunch, now with additional support; he is able to finish his lunch at the same time as his peers.  He has also learnt how to put on his gloves and hat without help from staff.  LTM has taken into consideration Hammad’s mobility restriction thereby adapting exercises to his needs which he loves to get involved in and have fun as well as keeping active. Hammad’s speech is improving slowly; he has learnt many new words and is now able to hold a conversation. His family have also noted that they have seen a positive difference in Hammad; he is a more confident young man from when he started with LTM.

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