Case Study 2

Stacey Humfrey

Stacey has severe learning disabilities and autism with suspected psychosis and hallucinations.  Stacey also suffers from extreme anxiety and mood swings and finds it difficult to manage her emotions. 

Stacey started attending LTM’s provision in September 2009.  Although she was excited she also seemed very anxious about being in a new environment amongst new people. Stacey’s family were also quite nervous however, after meeting the LTM staff and seeing the premises Stacey and her family felt very comfortable and at ease; and after the induction day she was very much looking forward to attending LTM.

At first, Stacey was very nervous about what other people would think of her but she soon got over this and started to make new friends. She has since established friendships with the staff and her peers, and has become a very caring and sensitive individual who is starting to enjoy the group activities. 

Stacey has been able to develop many skills since beginning LTM, one of which is presentation skills where she compiled a touching poem for her parents thanking them for all the support they have given her over the years. She presented this in front of an audience of family members, partner organisations and dignitaries at the Luton Town Hall.  Dignitaries included Kelvin Hopkins MP, Members from the Government Office, Mike Colsell – ESF Co-Financing Manager, Angela Rowling – ESF Contract Manager.

Stacey has gained a lot of confidence and is constantly learning new skills that are helping her with her independence and integration into the community. In addition, she is proving to be a real STAR with her singing talent surprising her family at how gifted she is.

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