Case Study 1

Giorgio Cossu

Giorgio now in his 30’s was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.  On his first meeting Giorgio appeared very angry and resisted communication with other learners and staff members; this proved difficult during a training workshop environment amongst 18 other candidates with various learning needs.  He has had to overcome many difficulties, this became very hard as there where many situations that negatively emphasised that he was ‘no good’ – until however he realised his illness was totally out of his control.

Through the support and encouragement of LTM, Giorgio has now progressed immensely and has gained a lot of confidence and self esteem within a very short space of time, 9 months!  Within this period he has now completed 2 training courses and has now joined Learn Direct to improve his key skills.

Giorgio has improved a great deal; he was given an opportunity to give a presentation in front of 15 new candidates, total strangers, who wanted to join LTM’s mentoring course.  He undertook this difficult task with courage and explained his journey and how the mentoring changed his life.  Seeing Giorgio has given staff at LTM and new learners an understanding into his life issues which has proven not only to motivate and inspire others but has helped them to believe in themselves and also set their goals.

Giorgio has successfully completed an NVQ Level 3 Mentoring in the Workplace qualification and has now gone on to further his key skills with Learn Direct.  Most of all Giorgio has found it a lot easier to communicate with others and his confidence has grown.

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