Personal Profile: Founder and Director of LTM – Anjana Parmar

Over the years, Anjana Parmar, founder and director of LTM, has been representing the community, learners and clients on a number of local and regional boards such as the Learning & Skills Council Regional Board, Luton Assembly, Community Cohesion Task Group, the Local Strategic Partnership, MENTER (East of England Ethnic Minority Network) etc.

Her work at LTM draws upon equipping the ‘at risk’ disengaging and disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities from society with the skills, knowledge and above all, confidence to become ‘Future Champions and Role Models’; thereby providing valuable customised mentoring support with the aim of: local people actively promoting the power and potential of learning and earning amongst the local people with whom they live and interact. 

Anjana is the first Indian female to represent the community on strategic boards such as:

- Regional Providers Reference Group
- Bedfordshire and Luton Learning & Skills Council Regional Board)
- Luton Assembly (which previously Chaired)
- Local Strategic Partnership Board
- Children & Young Peoples Workforce  Strategic Group
- NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) Working Group
- Children & Young Peoples Strategic Board (CYPPS)
- Children & Young Peoples Workforce  Strategic Group
- Youth Reference Group

Anjana also has a role as the ‘Governments’ Ambassador for Enterprising Women

Anjana’s previous appointments have again been focused on serving the community by way of:
- Community Cohesion (Luton Assembly)
- Ethnic Minority Employment Task Force (Department of Work & Pensions)
- Equalities Steering Group (Luton Forum)
- Ethnic Minority Women’s Forum
- Equality & Diversity External Advisory Group for LSC

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